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Below 100: A Free Training Program on Officer Safety

Lynchburg, VA | May 23, 2017 | Other Training Opportunities

Activity Image In 1974, the all-time high year for officer deaths, 278 were killed in the line of duty. Innovations in training, emergency medicine and vehicles, as well as the development of ballistic armor, all contributed to bring this number down. We’ve averaged about 150 officers killed per year in the last ten years. Together, we can bring that number to below 100.

Below 100 works because it is a common-sense approach to officer safety. It is open to all levels of law enforcement and, by the end, students will be aware of the safety issues of not wearing an armored vest, not wearing a safety vest, not wearing a safety belt, being complacent, speeding, and not using good decision making skills.

Central VA Criminal Justice Academy
1200 Church Street
Lynchburg, VA

April 12, 2017 (1300-1700);
May 4, 2017 (1300-1700);
May 23, 2017 (1300-1700) or
May 30, 2017 (1300-1700).

The 5 Tenets: These core concepts are changing police culture and saving lives.

  1. Wear Your Belt.
    The reality: Every day, police around the country make excuses why they don’t wear seatbelts. Every day, peers and supervisors make excuses why they turn a blind eye to this behavior. Every year, officers are killed an injured as a result of these excuses.

  2. Wear Your Vest.
    The reality: Officers often make excuses why they don’t wear their body armor. These excuses have led to hundreds of deaths and injuries. And there is another type of vest that can be equally important: the reflective vest. Every day, officers make excuses whey they don’t use their reflective gear. Body armor and reflective gear work, but only if they are worn.

  3. Watch Your Speed.
    Old joke. “Why do cops speed? Because they can.” But this just isn’t funny anymore. As speed goes up, survival goes down. Every year, hundreds of officers and innocent citizens are killed or seriously injured as a result of unwarranted speed. It’s time to hold each other accountable.

  4. WIN-What’s Important Now?
    WIN is about situational awareness and continually reassessing the priority. Focusing on the task at hand improves officer safety. What’s important now is for officers to understand that taking unnecessary risk puts the crosshairs squarely on those they care the most about – their families. WIN is a mindset that saves lives and prevents needless tragedies.

  5. Remember, Complacency Kills!
    Complacency is among the deadliest and most insidious of all threats faced by law enforcement officers because it can make even the most routine task incredibly dangerous. Becoming complacent or overlooking complacent conduct by others results in the death or serious injury of hundreds of officers each year. Every officer, trainer, and supervisor must strive to remain vigilant and to remember that ignored behavior is condoned behavior


Individuals wishing to reserve a slot in any of these courses must submit a student enrollment form with the date you wish to attend. Contact the Academy at (434) 455-6188 for assistance.

4 hours of Career Development