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Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI)

Newport News, VA | July 30 – 31, 2018 | Other Training Opportunities

Hosted by Christopher Newport University

The Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview enables an understanding of how persons who experience trauma or high stress, due to automatic reactions by their brains, actually experienced the event and recorded it into memory. Key to effective evidence gathering, this methodology reduces the inaccuracy of the information provided during an interview and greatly enhances the understanding of the person's traumatic or stressful experience.

Attendees will learn how to use the FETI Methodology to ensure that the interview participant feels safe and understood, to maximize recall, and to enhance the investigative process overall by increasing participant cooperation while reducing potentials for false information and recantation.  The Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview is a highly effective technique for victim, witness and subject interviews.

The Introduction to FETI course includes instruction on:

  • The Brain and Prolonged Threat
  • Defense Circuitry
  • Dissociation, Tonic Immobility, & Collapsed Immobility
  • Impact of Trauma on Memory
  • Impact of Ethanol on Memory
  • The Certified FETI Methodology
  • Contextual Evidence
  • Experiential Evidence
  • Psychophysiological Evidence
  • Difference between Questioning and Brain-based Cues
  • Role of Interview in Context to an Investigation
  • FETI Funnel
  • Reworking Traditional Questions into FETI Brain-based Cues

This course provides attendees with the complete Certified FETI Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview Course. Only Certified FETI trainings provide attendees with content created and updated by founder and Certified FETI Executive Director Russell W. Strand.  Certified FETI trainings are appropriate for all professionals who are responsible for understanding an individual's traumatic or high-stress experience.

There is no prerequisite for this training.  This course is intended only for professional audiences and fulfills the prerequisite requirement for those who also want to attend a Practical Application of the FETI Course.

Law enforcement agencies interested in joining the "You Have Options Program" (YHOP) begin the process by attending a YHOP Introductory Session, which includes required attendance at the Certified FETI Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview Course.  Law enforcement personnel who have attended Introductory Session obtain certification as either a YHOP Administrator or Trainer (or both) to begin the process of implementing the You Have Options Program.