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WEBINAR—Feeling Sleepy? How Officer Fatigue Creates Individual and Agency Risk

Everywhere | May 2, 2017 | Other Training Opportunities

Almost every law enforcement officer has dealt with fatigue caused by shift work and other job-related factors. It’s a serious problem—yet few agencies recognize the risks fatigue presents or are taking a proactive approach to addressing it. How many tragedies are assigned a proximate cause of “X,” when the root cause is actually fatigue? Rarely do we even ask the question, “How much sleep did the involved officer/deputy have in the last four days?”

Join Dr. Lois James, Dr. Stephen James and Gordon Graham for an illuminating presentation about the effects of sleep loss and shift work on law enforcement officers’ decision-making, critical thinking, coordination and balance, driving and more. We’ll also explore practical steps agencies and officers can take to minimize the effects of officer fatigue and reduce associated risks. You’ll learn:

  • What contributes to officers being overly fatigued.
  • The connection between officer fatigue and increased agency liability.
  • What actions can be taken against agencies and/or supervisors that allow officers to work when they are dangerously fatigued.
  • Steps innovative agencies are taking to combat officer fatigue.
  • How policy can and should support officer wellbeing and work to prevent overly fatigued officers from endangering themselves or others.

Presented by Dr. Lois James, Dr. Stephen James and Gordon Graham

Tuesday, May 2, 1 pm ET/10 am PT