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You Have Options Program Introductory Session

Newport News, VA | July 30 – August 2, 2018 | Other Training Opportunities

Hosted by Christopher Newport University

Law enforcement agencies interested in joining the You Have Options Program begin the process by attending a YHOP Introductory Session, which includes required attendance at the Certified FETI Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview Course. Law enforcement personnel who have attended Introductory Session obtain certification as either a YHOP Administrator or Trainer (or both) to begin the process of implementing the You Have Options Program.

Law enforcement personnel are encouraged to attend Introductory Session with community partners including, but not limited to, advocacy and prosecution.  Attendance at Introductory Session does not obligate law enforcement agencies to participate in the You Have Options Program.  Non-law enforcement agency personnel may attend Introductory Session for informational purposes but will not receive certification as a YHOP Administrator or Trainer unless they are affiliated with a law enforcement agency.

Introductory Session includes instruction on:

  • 3 Reporting Options
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a YHOP Law Enforcement Agency
  • Collaboration with Community Partners
  • YHOP Memorandum of Understanding
  • Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview Exposure Course
  • 20 Elements of a Victim-Centered and Offender-Focused YHOP Response
  • Inquiry into Serial Sexual Assault (ISSA)
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns
  • Explanation of the 7 Phase Implementation Process


Founded in January 2013 by the Ashland, Oregon Police Department, the You Have Options Program (YHOP) is a law enforcement led program providing uniformity and accountability through training and technical assistance to a nationwide body of sworn law enforcement agencies committed to the highest standards of response to victims of sexual violence.

In 2015 the Brighton Police Department in Colorado became the first national You Have Options Program Law Enforcement Agency.  Additional law enforcement agencies have obtained certification and are committed to offering YHOP’s 20 Elements within their jurisdiction.  Join the You Have Options Program and be part of building a criminal justice system where victims of sexual violence view law enforcement as a viable route to justice.  Learn more at 


YHOP restricts participation to sworn law enforcement agencies and provides those agencies with ongoing technical assistance.  Any law enforcement organization that investigates reports of sexual violence may obtain certification as a YHOP agency.  Certification is not available to community partners such as offices of prosecution or advocacy organizations; however, many of the program elements are applicable to other professions, and community partners are encouraged to attend with their law enforcement colleagues.


** Registration for the "You Have Options Program Introductory Session" INCLUDES registration for the "Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI)" course. If anyone has already attended the FETI Training and wants to attend the YHOP course, they can register for that only and the cost will only be $250.  The registrant will need to make the organizers aware of their previous attendance in the FETI Training and/or show their completion certificate when they register.**




CNU will provide housing on campus at a very low cost. The rooms will be located in Warwick River Hall and are suite-style with a combination of single and double rooms, with a microwave and refrigerator in each and an ensuite bathroom.  Warwick River also has community style kitchens on each floor so that guests can cook and store food items.  Doubles are $28.50 per night plus tax and singles are $31.50 per night plus tax.  All beds are twin extra long beds.   
You can bring your own linens or purchase a linen bundle from us for an additional $10.00 per bundle.

To register for housing, go to and then create an Iris account to sign it. This will allow the user to log in later if they need to make changes or additions to their registration.

The training will be held at the David Student Union (Ballroom).  Parking will be in Lot A, B, C or the Ferguson Center parking garage. Campus Map –