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Certified Police Officer

Location: Vinton, VA


Town of Vinton Police Department


Open until filled.

Job Description / Responsibilities

The Vinton Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Certified Police Officer. This job enforces local, state and federal laws and ordinances and protects lives and property through reactive and proactive activities, thereby protecting and improving the quality of life and the peace and well being of residents.

FLSA Status: Nonexempt
Grade: 17

Essential Functions

  • Patrols assigned area, either by foot or vehicle, looking for anything unusual or out of place and for crimes, emergencies or violations in progress
  • Assesses the situation and takes appropriate action at the scene of a crime, emergency, or incident when discovered during patrol or when dispatched to the scene
  • Uses two-way radio to interact with dispatchers to receive or report information
  • Talks with community groups, residential and business organizations, and members of the public to develop relationships and to provide visible security to deter crime
  • Conducts property checks and welfare checks (for example, of elderly residents)
  • Maintains traffic flow and pedestrian safety by enforcing state and local traffic laws and regulations
  • Investigates traffic accidents
  • Cooperates with other law enforcement agencies to foster better communication and establish mutual assistance
  • Intervenes in fights and family disputes
  • Makes arrests
  • Books and checks prisoners
  • Collects, packs, and stores evidence in accordance with established evidence handling procedures; may send evidence to State Police Crime Lab for analysis
  • Assists in various phases of criminal investigations including interviewing witnesses, pursuing leads, and apprehending and questioning suspects
  • Works with Commonwealth Attorney to review facts and evidence; testifies in court
  • Patrols school functions and provides security at community events
  • Report hazards that endanger public safety to appropriate departments or agencies
  • Responds to a variety of complaints and requests for assistance from the public and provides advice and assistance; may refer people to other agencies ( for example, rescue, criminal or civil court, juvenile authorities, public works, social services, animal control, game warden)
  • Maintains police duty gear, weapons, vehicles and equipment to ensure proper working condition
  • Prepares and files written reports and associated paperwork as required in conjunction with these tasks

Marginal Functions

  • Performs related duties as assigned.

Supervision Received
This job works under general supervision with little direct oversight; referring unusual cases to the supervisor or seeking supervisory guidance. This job reports to a Police Sergeant or available supervisor.

Supervisory Responsibilities
This job has no responsibility for the supervision of others.

Physical & Environmental Factors

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to physically apprehend suspects
  • Lifts, carries, pushes and pulls people and heavy objects weighing more than 100 pounds
  • Stands for long periods and moves about on foot by walking or running
  • Sits in a normal seated position for long periods of time
  • Subject to working extended tours of duty without regular breaks
  • Ability to work overtime when required
  • Ability to work rotating or varying shifts

Sensory Requirements:

  • Uses a keyboard for typing reports and other documents
  • Has sufficient finger and hand strength to fire a weapon using either hand
  • Requires hearing ability
  • Sees objects clearly with or without corrective lenses  (corrected to 20/20)
  • Has full spectrum color vision to identify and distinguish color

Environmental Factors:

  • Frequently works in unpleasant, disagreeable, or dangerous conditions such as traffic and adverse weather conditions
  • Handles or works with potentially dangerous equipment
  • Exposure to dust, dirt, fumes, chemicals, corrosives, exposed heights, bodies of water, live electric wires, traffic, fire, explosives, blood or other potentially infectious materials, communicable diseases, emotionally disturbed or violent persons, armed persons
  • Subject to being attacked by persons (armed or unarmed) or animals


(Minimum Qualifications)

Education and Experience:

  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
  • At least 2 years of law enforcement experience.
  • Compliance with requirements of Code of Virginia Section 15.2 – 1705 as amended is required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of basic police equipment including weapon(s), baton, portable radio, ballistic vest
  • Knowledge of Penal Code, Vehicle and Traffic Law, Criminal Procedures Law, Alcohol Beverage Control Law, and local regulations and ordinances
  • Knowledge of proper police procedure and protocols
  • Working knowledge of legal terminology
  • Knowledge of the geography, buildings and facilities in the community
  • Ability to operate a patrol car and two-way radio during normal and emergency operations
  • Skill in the use of weapons
  • Skill in the application of self-defense techniques
  • Good oral communication skills
  • Ability to question and interview others
  • Ability to deal courteously and effectively with the public
  • Ability to analyze and react swiftly in situations involving high stress and danger
  • Ability to work under stress and pressure and remain calm in emergency situations
  • Ability to follow orders, standard operating procedures, and established protocols

Licenses or Certifications:

  • Valid operators license; upon appointment and thereafter, a valid Virginia Operators license
  • Law Enforcement Officer Certification from Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services with recertification as required by DCJS
  • Qualified with firearms
  • Completion of additional training as needed to maintain current certifications, understand changes in laws and regulations, and learn specialized services (for example, radar certification, first aid training)

Special Requirements:

  • United States citizenship
  • Sworn personnel must be able to give credible court testimony throughout their employment.
  • Satisfaction of the weight, medical and physical fitness requirements for Police Officers

How to Apply

Interested individuals should visit the Town of Vinton official government website at to apply.