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Chief of Police

Location: Richlands, VA


Richlands Police Department


Open until filled.

Job Description / Responsibilities

A. General Duties:

1. The Chief of Police is the chief executive officer of the department and exercises authority in matters of policy, operations, discipline, including recommendations to the Town Manager.  He or she exercises all lawful powers of his/her office and issues lawful orders as necessary for the effective performance of the department.  The Chief of Police issues written policies.  The Chief of Police has general charge of the office and all property of the department.

2. Through the Chief of Police the department is responsible for enforcing all laws within its legal jurisdiction.  The Chief of Police is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, controlling, and staffing all functions of the department.  He or she is also responsible for its efficient operation and for the department’s relations with local citizens, the local government, and other related agencies.  The Chief of Police is responsible for the training of all members of the department.

3. The Chief of Police and all supervisory personnel shall strive to achieve the following goals:

a) Develop partnerships with citizens, other government agencies, including law enforcement agencies.

b) Enhance the quality of life in the community through the use of problem-solving approaches to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

c) Foster mutual accountability for police resources and strategies among citizens, members of the department, and the town council.

d) Develop a public-service orientation in performing all police tasks.

B. Specfiic Duties and Responsibilities:

1. As necessary, makes recommendations for the adoption of new town or county ordinances or the amendment of existing ones.

2. Devises administrative guidance and promulgates it both orally and in writing.  Creates and maintains a manual of orders including policies, rules and regulations, and general orders.

3. Supervises the maintenance and good order of vehicles and equipment.

4. Prepares periodic and special reports for administrative and operational purposes and ensures that adequate records are maintained of all department activities.  In particular, ensures that reports are properly stored or archived consistent with state regulations.

5. Controls the expenditure of department appropriations and prepares and submits an annual budget to the Town Manager.

6. Plans, coordinates, or administers training of employees in policies, rules and regulations, and general orders, in the performance of their duties thereby, and in the proper use of equipment.

7. Cooperates with other law enforcement agencies in the apprehension and detention of wanted persons.

8. Accepts complaints or inquiries about police service and conducts internal investigations as appropriate.  Investigates all cases of alleged or apparent misconduct by employees with the authority to appoint personnel within the department or special appoints of outside investigators to investigate such matters.

9. Attends civic and school meetings to explain the activities and functions of the police department, and to establish partnerships, and devise solutions for community problems.

10. Ensures compliance with all laws that the department has the authority to enforce.

11. Organizes, directs, and controls all resources of the department to preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and enforce the law.

12. Establishes a routine of shifts and daily duties to be performed by employees.  Designates a chain of command.

13. Assigns, details, or transfers any member or employee of the department to or from any assignment whenever necessary for the efficiency, discipline, or morale of the department.

14. Supervises the safekeeping of all evidence and any property recovered, found, or confiscated.

15. Maintains personnel records to include performance evaluations, background investigation results, complaints, awards, and leave balances.

16. Actively promotes crime-prevention strategies and methods.  Knowledgeably advises citizens and businesses on crime prevention.

17. Directly assumes command of special operations that included a majority of the department.

18. Establishes and assumes command during critical law enforcement emergencies, severe weather events, natural disasters, and states of emergencies.

19. Directly supervises all Richlands Police Department, personnel who are assigned to the Tazewell County Narcotics Task Force.

20. Directly responsible for news releases and the release of departmental information.

21. Directly supervises the Uniform Patrol Lieutenant, Criminal Investigation Lieutenant, First Sergeant, Sergeant and other supervisory personnel.

22. Directly responsible for authorizing the use of police department facilities, firing range, auditorium at the police department.

Salary Range



Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Comprehensive knowledge of scientific methods of crime detection, criminal identification, and radio communication; comprehensive knowledge of controlling laws, court decisions, and ordinances; thorough knowledge of the geography of the town; demonstrated ability to lead and direct police officers; ability to maintain cooperative relationships with other town officials and with the general public; ability to evaluate police effectiveness and to institute improvements to police business; ability to recruit, screen, and hire officers; physically fit; ability to prepare and review reports; resourcefulness and sound judgment; demonstrated integrity and good moral character; tact; ability to draft policies.

Education and Experience:

A high school degree or equivalent is required , bachelor’s degree preferred, however an Associate Degree with a minimum of five (5) years of law enforcement work experience may be accepted, possession of a valid Virginia driver’s license, current first aid certification, minimum of ten (10) years of law enforcement experience in a variety of law enforcement tasks and functions, including at least five (5) years of experience in supervision and management in a command rank or higher.  Must be certified and hold a current law enforcement officers certification from the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Background Investigation:

Applicant will subjected to a pre-employment polygraph examination and a thorough background investigation and must not have any criminal history record.

Physical Standards:

Must be in good physical condition and possess physical agility and endurance.  Must be able to successfully comply with any physical agility programs that are required for this position of Chief of Police.  Successful applicants will be required to meet the training standards established by the Department of Criminal Justices Services and all additional assigned training.  Applicants will also be subjected to a pre-employment physical examination, drug screening and other testing.

How to Apply

Applications and job description may be picked up at the Richlands Town Hall, 200 Washington Square, Richlands, Virginia, or completed and printed from the town website  Applications must be returned to the Richlands Town Hall and will be accepted until position is filled.