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IACP Announces Changes to Law Enforcement Challenge Awards

September 4, 2013 | VACP

News Image Effective immediately, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has made major changes to the National Law Enforcement Challenge traffic safety awards program for 2013 (with entries submitted in 2014). These changes will also affect the Virginia program.

The National Law Enforcement Challenge (NLEC) has focused on three major traffic safety priorities: occupant protection, impaired driving, and speeding. In order to better serve these priorities and our goals of reducing injuries, saving lives, and detecting and deterring crime, the NLEC application has been re-worked. As law enforcement must continually adapt to better serve its communities, so must the NLEC adapt to better serve its goals. The NLEC has added a new traffic priority — the state/local issue — in addition to new categories, special awards, and goals. By participating in the NLEC, law enforcement agencies are actively serving their communities by making them a safer place to live.

The new revised NLEC application allows agencies to highlight a traffic safety issue that they are facing in its jurisdiction and how it is addressing that issue. The law enforcement agency can choose to address any number of items which are related to traffic safety. A few suggested topics are young drivers, distracted driving, or pedestrian crashes. This is to ensure that law enforcement agencies are not only addressing national issues, but the issues that are prevalent in the community they serve.

The categories and special awards have also been modified to better quantify and qualify agencies' dedication to traffic safety programs. Categories have been reorganized to ensure that a consistent distribution of applicants is maintained and evaluated against one another fairly. Changes to the special awards have also been made. All agencies' applications already have sections for speeding, occupant protection, and impaired driving. Agencies will not have to indicate that they are applying for these special awards based off of section submission. Instead, the judges will determine which agencies will receive these awards. Other revisions have been made to the remaining special award categories.

The Step by Step guide to completing an NLEC application (CORRECTED LINK) has been updated to walk agencies through the new application format and guidelines for putting your entry together.  There are more defined restrictions to how information is submitted now.

The 2013 deadline will be May 1, 2014.

As always, the IACP will highlight the winning agencies' ideas will be shared with other participants in publications such as Traffic Safety Innovations and Traffic Safety Dispatch.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ben Gorban at the IACP at (703) 836-6767 ext. 387 or at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).