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Judge orders online information about Richmond police to be taken down

December 14, 2012 | Virginia News

A Richmond judge has ordered the removal of sensitive police department information including personal contact information for employees that was posted online by activists.

Judge Gregory L. Rupe of Richmond Circuit Court entered an order last week granting the Richmond Police Department’s request for an injunction in the case against Nathan Cox and Mo Karn, the anarchist who has clashed with police in the past over whether she has a right to publish certain police documents online.

Cox is involved with Virginia CopBlock, an organization that seeks to hold police agencies accountable, and Karn is affiliated with The Wingnut, an anarchist collective in the southern Barton Heights neighborhood.

“The judge’s injunction has led to these documents being taken out of the public domain,” said Andrew Bodoh, an attorney for Karn and Cox.

He added: “Seeing that the documents have been taken down, it raises concerns that the injunction is chilling our clients’ right to free speech and the public’s right to free speech.”

An attorney representing the police department declined to comment. A police spokesman referred a request for comment to the department’s general counsel, who could not be reached on her cellphone.

The case had been sealed until last week.

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