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Law Enforcement Solutions from CARFAX Solve Cases

September 10, 2013 | VACP

News Image Recently the CARFAX database solution for law enforcement was used to help generate a lead in a major case in Colorado.

A department there was looking for a suspect in a 1st degree assault case / attempted murder case.  They had exhausted all of their investigation resources.  Five months later, a CARFAX representative ran a VIN provided by the agency that was related to the suspect against its database as part of a program demonstration. The CARFAX database search found a record that showed the VIN was in a service shop getting a fluid change in Kentucky a few days after the incident had occurred.  The investigators now have a fresh place to look for clues to advance the investigation.

CARFAX is now partnered with the VACP to provide an integrated solution for law enforcement agencies.  Your agency can get free, unlimited access to the CARFAX suite of Investigative Tools through the CARFAX data exchange program.  Here are some of the powerful investigative tools that are available:

  • VIN Alert - Monitor vehicles and get email notifications when there is activity reported to CARFAX.
  • Vehicle History - Search, scan or view vehicle history on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Crash Center - Search the national database of accident reports to find persons of interest.

CARFAX tools are free to Virginia law enforcement agencies as part of its information exchange program.  Agencies share VIN crash data with CARFAX and CARFAX provides agencies with unlimited access to their 11 billion record vehicle history database and tools.

The information provided in the CARFAX database ranges from color of vehicles to location of vehicles and more.  The database grows by 3 million records daily and the data collected is unique private data that is supplied by more 76,000 unique sources nationwide.

As part of the VACP partnership with CARFAX, Virginia agencies have the option to enroll in the CARFAX E-Commerce solution to help agencies sell accident reports online to citizens and insurance companies, saving the law enforcement agency time and money.


Selling accident reports has never been easier for your records and administrative staff. CARFAX can build a customized website for your agency to sell accident reports and reduce your costs.

  • Analytics - User-friendly dashboard shows total reports sold, revenue generated, recent uploads, purchase history and sales trends.
  • Dedicated Support - Your dedicated account manager will help you set up, train your staff and assist you throughout the program. 
  • Secure Uploads – Agencies simply transfer the data automatically via XML or other formats.

To activate your CARFAX account through the VACP partnership, contact Matthew Simpson at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  or (610) 858-7304.

For more information on CARFAX, visit