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New LE Training Video on Black Market Cigarette Trade

August 6, 2012 | Virginia News

News Image Philip Morris USA (an Altria Company) has produced a 20-minute law enforcement training video on the growing black market in illicit cigarettes titled "Where There's Smoke".

Rising cigarette prices provide lucrative financial incentive for criminals to smuggle genuine cigarettes from low-tax to high-tax jurisdictions, import cigarettes intended for sale outside of the U.S. and trade in counterfeit versions of U.S. cigarette brands. Marlboro®, the most popular brand of cigarettes in the U.S., is often the target of counterfeiters and other smuggling schemes. The trade in illicit cigarettes can take many forms, but one thing remains constant – it's against the law.

The video is intended for law enforcement audiences and presents fictitious scenarios designed to raise awareness of activities that indicate involvement in the illicit cigarette trade. All persons, companies and facts portrayed in this video are fictitional and for training purposes only.

The laws highlighted in the video are intended to provide general information about laws that may be applicable to illicit cigarette trade activities. This information is not intended as legal advice nor should you consider it such. In addition, the highlighted laws relate only to the locations portrayed in each scenario (including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago) and accordingly may not be applicable in your jurisdiction. We encourage you to identify the laws in your jurisdiction that apply to the illicit cigarette trade activities portrayed in this video.

The video is hosted online for easy access by law enforcement agencies and academies. You may show the video in a classroom or conference room setting to a group of officers or you may share the link with individual officers to watch on their own time.  The video is playable on all computers and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) – Adobe Flash is not required.