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Preventing Line of Duty Deaths – A Chief’s Duty

November 16, 2011 | National News

News Image The National Center for the Prevention of Violence Against the Police (National Center) rolled out its first publication, "Preventing Line of Duty Deaths, A Chief’s Duty", at IACP 2011. The mission of the National Center is to prevent violence against the police, and the first publication is a checklist designed to target key areas that agencies can address to reduce officer injury and line of duty deaths.

To respond to the need for critical information on felonious assaults directed at law enforcement, the IACP in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, has established the National Center for the Prevention of Violence Against the Police. The mission of the National Center is to learn, through analysis of data, forensic interviews, and post-incident investigations, how violence against police officers can be prevented.

By examining pre-incident and post-incident variables, as well as the incident itself, the National Center will develop protocol and strategies across the criminal justice system to prevent, and ultimately eliminate, violence against law enforcement officers.

Part of the National Center’s work will be to integrate findings into the broader body of knowledge on duty-related injuries, disabilities, and deaths, as well as survival tactics, in order to enhance overall community and officer safety efforts.

The National Center’s operations will focus on conducting research and analysis, translating the findings into actionable information, and disseminating recommendations to the field. The National Center will also serve as a channel through which the field can be connected to existing resources (e.g.: training, sample policies, guidebooks, reports, etc).

Preventing Line of Duty Deaths: A Chief’s Duty

This agency self assessment tool is designed to help law enforcement leaders evaluate their agency’s efforts to fully address the safety needs of their officers. Use this tool to proactively examine the range of critical officer safety strategies and determine areas where your agency can take action to improve. When taken together, the infrastructure improvements, systemic policies and strategies covered by this checklist will enhance officer safety and potentially prevent acts of violence against law enforcement.

Use the resource identified for each topic to help you address these issues within your agency and use the checklist on the back page to map your progress.

For more information on these strategies and additional resources, statistics, and facts please refer to the links below:

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