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Roanoke County assistant police chief retiring

August 30, 2010 | Virginia News

Donna Furrow is stepping down Dec 1. after 27 years with the county police department

The 50-year-old Furrow says she's applied to become a substitute teacher in Roanoke County.

She says it's time to try something new.

Among her favorite memories is working the midnight shift on the day in 1990 when the county police department began operations. "Most of my memories are about a career that i had fun with, and so when people ask me about you know what stands out in my career for 27 years, it's just individual calls, usually, it was certain things that happened you know the certain call in dispatch that made you think a little bit different," said Furrow. She also plans to spend more time with family. Furrow says she has no immediate plans for another job in law enforcement. Furrow was one of the state's few high-ranking female law officers when she started work. Dana Schrad, executive director of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, says nearly two dozen women now hold high-ranking administrative positions. Copyright © 2010, WDBJ7-TV