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September FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin is Now Online

September 10, 2014 | National News

The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin can be accessed at .

September Content

Criminal Investigative Analysis: Applications for the Courts (Part Four of Four) - Different views exist as to what role criminal investigative analysis plays in the legal system.

Suicide by Cop: Broadening Our Understanding - Law enforcement officers must learn to recognize signals that indicate a potential suicide by cop.

Futures Perspective: A Retrospective: Police Academy Training in 2032 - Eighteen years in the future, law enforcement academies have migrated their training to online, virtual reality, and simulation-based platforms.

Officer Survival Spotlight: Circumstances and the Deadly Mix - Officers must enter every situation with a full appreciation of the circumstances they will face.

Leadership Spotlight: Should You Always Lead from the Front? - Effective leaders are agile enough to lead from the front, the middle, or the back.