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State official resigns citing interference with Deeds investigation

March 4, 2014 | Virginia News

RICHMOND -- Virginia’s inspector general for behavioral health has resigned, telling Gov. Terry McAuliffe that certain findings have been stripped from a report he compiled after the November death of state Sen. Creigh Deeds’ son

“If I were responsible for publishing this report, it would have been issued weeks ago and it would have contained conclusions that were removed because they were considered too speculative or too emotional,” wrote G. Douglas Bevelacqua, in a resignation letter dated March 1.

One of those conclusions, Bevelacqua wrote, was that the incident involving Deeds’ son could have had a different outcome if the state’s behavioral health agency had taken “meaningful action” on recommendations the inspector general made in 2012. Bevelacqua wrote that the conclusion “was deemed too speculative” and was removed by his superiors.

“It was removed by individuals with a limited understanding of the Commonwealth’s public sector behavioral health system who had no involvement in the actual Critical Incident Investigation,” Bevelacqua wrote. ...

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