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VACP Office Back to Normal; Member Area Accessible

August 26, 2011 | VACP

UPDATE (6:00pm, Monday): Phones and Internet have been back up for more than a day now... I think we might be good! Here's hoping for a normal week!

UPDATE (12:00noon, Thursday): I think I am jinxing us with these updates. Comcast is out again. (Honestly, it's the storm damage... we pay our bills!)

UPDATE (11:30am, Thursday): We are back online! And cautiously optimistic that it's going to stick this time. (Boy... I really hope "Katia" stays out to sea!)

UPDATE (8:30am, Thursday): Well... That was short-lived! We have lost Internet, phones and fax again. Hopefully they will be reconnected again soon... We're guessing that crews working in the area manually disconnected us while they repair other lines.

UPDATE (3:30pm, Wednesday): We're back! Comcast services were restored around 2:45pm today. Thank you all for your patience as we've been disconnected from the rest of the world. If you were waiting to register for the conference or pay dues, please feel free to use the online member area/registration system again.

UPDATE (1:30pm, Tuesday): Power at the office was restored as of this morning, but Comcast services are still out -- no phone, no fax, no internet, and online member area and registrations are still unavailable.

UPDATE (11:30am, Sunday): Could be a while before office is up and running again. In the meantime, stay up to date with us via and

UPDATE (2pm, Saturday): The office has in fact lost power. We'll see how long it takes to be restored. Don't know if we'll be back up Monday or not.

There is a strong chance that the VACP office will be without power for an extended period as a result of Hurricane Irene as we were following Isabel. In that event, our office phones, fax and the online registration/member area of our web site will all be down and our email will be interrupted (although we have a backup email system we can use). The main portion of this web site, our Facebook page and twitter account however will be unaffected.

For individuals and vendors from areas unaffected by the hurricane that may be trying to register online for our Annual Conference in September, please be aware that those pages could be unavailable even though the rest of our web site is up. This is because the registration pages are hosted on the server in our office whereas the rest of our web site is hosted externally. We hope you will attempt to register again once we are fully back online. Of course, you could always register now before the storm hits!

There is a chance that, as with Isabel, VACP staff will regain access to power and internet either at home or through some other access BEFORE power and internet access are restored to the VACP office. If that happens, we will be working remotely as much as we can. Notices will be posted here and on our social media sites to update you to that effect.

Additionally, so long as the batteries last or phones can be charged, Executive Director Dana Schrad and Communications Manager Erin Schrad may be reached on their cell phones:  Dana at (804) 338-9512 and Erin at (804) 512-5162.

We know that the majority of our members and their officers will be working long hours to keep their communities safe throughout this storm and afterwards.  If we can help in any way, including assistance with setting mutual aid agreements with departments from other areas of the state or finding equipment or other resources, please let us know.

Be safe!