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Waynesboro Police Chief Announces Retirement

November 4, 2010 | Virginia News

News Image Waynesboro's Police Chief has been on the job for seven years, and announced he'll be retiring on March 1st.

Chief Doug Davis currently serves as VACP President and will serve out his term through the 2011 Annual Conference.

The Waynesboro Police Department may not be the largest in the Commonwealth, but Chief Doug Davis says it's one of the best.

Davis says possibly the biggest challenge was keeping that talent here on his team.

"Small departments as a whole have a tendency to be a training ground for larger departments with more benefits," says Davis. "Some of that is because of finances. Some of it's because there's not as much chance for upward mobility in a small department."
Davis says, despite the high turnover rates, he feels he was able to maintain a strong force in Waynesboro.
"I was blessed by coming to a department that didn't have problems," says Davis. "I came to a department that was a very good, well-established department and I just tried to maintain it while I was here."
Davis says the selection for his replacement will probably take between four and six months, and is up to the City Manager and Waynesboro City Council.
Source: WHSV-TV