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Docview Online Crash Report Service

To All Clients:

Let us begin by thanking you for your continued confidence in Appriss.  As you know, in December of 2013 merged with Appriss Inc. to bring you an even better solution for your E-Commerce of crash reports.  This merger expands the family of law enforcement agencies from over 500 to over 4,000.  With the greater resources, will come more available features, benefits, and opportunities for the law enforcement agencies and the purchasers of the reports.

To better serve all of our clients, Appriss is always striving to improve in every way possible.  Since the merger, Appriss immediately began to prepare for an even better and stronger infrastructure of our computer and network systems.  The new infrastructure includes new file and application servers with greater capability, security and speed.  As we grow, you will continue to receive the benefits you have come to expect along with even greater security to your data.

As part of this infrastructure upgrade, Appriss will be installing several new servers and will require migrating data from the old to the new servers.  The switchover to our new servers will take place August 1 -3, beginning on Friday evening after 8:00pm.  Most clients should not be affected in any way since the switchover will be accomplished during weekend hours when most records departments are closed.

If you should have any questions or concerns, you may always contact us via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by calling us at 866-842-1324.

Your Support Team

The VACP is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Docview, LLC to bring a new service to Virginia law enforcement agencies.

Docview is the most trusted provider of crash reports to citizens and insurance carriers in the United States.  They have combined the best and most convenient methods to get crash reports online and into the hands of citizens, insurance companies and law firms quickly with cost savings for in mind. And as the leader in this field, more than 700 law enforcement agencies nationwide and 1,000 insurance carriers trust Docview with the protection of their data integrity.

They are a NO-COST e-commerce solution for managing and selling crash and crime reports online. Currently, 20 state Chiefs of Police Associations – including the VACP – have endorsed Docview as the provider of choice for crash reports.

It costs your agency nothing to SIGN UP with Docview to be your crash report provider. Docview simply adds their processing fee to your standard fee for providing crash reports, which is then passed on to the report requestor as a "convenience charge" for being able to get the report online instead of going to the agency directly.  (You may continue to sell crash reports at your agency if you wish for anyone wanting to avoid the convenience charge, but you can then still take advantage of the Docview system to retrieve the report for the requestor.) Then, each month, Docview sends your agency a check for all of the reports that it sells online on your behalf for the exact amount you would have collected had you sold the report directly.  (Law enforcement and other local government entities that need copies of the report have FREE ACCESS to the Docview system.)  Your agency can actually SAVE TIME AND MONEY by providing your citizens with this self-service option! 

Sounds great, right?  It gets better!  When a Virginia agency signs up for and sells reports through the Docview service, the VACP benefits too!  For each report sold through Docview by a Virginia agency, a portion of the processing fee that Docview collects will go to the VACP.  This additional income to your association will help us to provide you with more services and help keep dues and conference fees affordable.

Join Roanoke County PD, Roanoke City PD, Vinton PD, Warsaw PD, and Colonial Heights PD by signing up today!


How Docview Works:


Benefits to Your Departments & Citizens:

Records Department

  • Boosts revenue – You will actually see your report sales increase because your reports will be posted quicker along with the convenience of purchasing reports online.
  • Saves time – Now Records can perform more important tasks than opening envelopes and filling requests for reports.  If these are sworn officers they may now be able to be put on the streets or perform investigative roles.
  • Docview indexes your reports including passenger names for law enforcement use.


  • Allows nation-wide data sharing with the Docview database. – Docview allows you to search for suspects and/or vehicles in Docview’s database of accident reports, in any jurisdiction who is also using Docview’s service.  You have the ability to search neighboring jurisdictions, a state-wide search, neighboring states, or conduct a nation-wide search.  Detroit PD found and arrested two murder suspects the first time they used this tool. 

IT Department

  • Software built in .Net
  • Greatest level of security with co-location and redundancy built in.
  • Docview can accept any format for your reports – fax, email, scan, export, XML webservice, etc.
  • No need to build, maintain, monitor and improve your own solution. 
  • Docview indexes your reports including passenger names for law enforcement use.
  • No need to spend extra money on additional hardware and storage space.
  • No need to build or buy a citizen self-reporting tool.  If needed, one is already built and maintained.


  • No need to send out billing invoices, process payments and pursue slow payers each month.
  • No Risk of not being paid.  Docview pays the agency monthly for report sold on their system for that month regardless if Docview has been paid yet or not.
  • No need to get a merchant account and pay credit card fees.


  • Convenience – Citizens now have the option to go to the agency and purchase their reports or go online, 24 x 7, to purchase their reports. If a supplement is added, they are notified and receive the supplement automatically.  This gives your agency better customer service to your citizens.
  • Safer Cars – By providing vehicle specific data to Vehicle History Reporting companies, when a citizen is purchasing a used car and a Vehicle History Report is pulled on the VIN, this accident data can now show up on that report so the citizen knows the complete history of that car and can decide if it is safe enough for their family.
  • Quicker claims – Insurance companies have quicker access to the reports and can complete the claims in a timely fashion.

Insurance Companies

  • Docview uses consolidated billing to bill insurance agencies monthly to save the insurance company time and money.
  • Have access to reports much quicker and can now complete claims quicker.
  • Convenience – Insurance companies can purchase reports online, 24 x 7.  If a supplement is added, they are notified and receive the supplement automatically.  This gives your agency better customer service to the insurance companies.
  • Our solution helps insurance companies lower their costs by charging a significantly lower convenience fee then it currently costs them to buy from other services or by eliminating the manual processes they currently use.  We also help them to get their clients, your citizens, claims closed quicker since we provide them the reports immediately!


Things to ask vendors offering ecommerce services:

  1. Do you allow for data sharing of driver and passenger names, VINs (full and partial) and phone numbers?
  2. What do you do with the information contained in the reports (many vendors of ecommerce resell names, addresses, injury and other information).
  3. Do you have live technical support during normal business hours who are also employees of the actual company?
  4. How many agencies do they currently have on and how long have they been in business (the new to the business vendors have only a few agencies using them and zero years of experience in the business.


For more information or to sign up:

Download a document about the Docview program (PDF)

Already sold on Docview? Download this form to sign up your agency (PDF)

Visit Docview's web site