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LTE Scholarship for PELS

“Lead from the Heart”

Lex T. Eckenrode was the CEO of the Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation and retired Deputy Director of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.  Leading by example and providing inspiration and encouragement to those he came in contact with, Mr. Eckenrode built relationships that created an atmosphere in the Commonwealth of Virginia that allowed law enforcement leaders to flourish. 

His message to the graduates of the Professional Executive Leadership School (PELS) was not about great leadership theories or applications, but more about how these individuals view themselves as leaders at home, at work, and in their community.  He asked each graduate to think about the legacy they will leave, not just in their professional career, but in everyday life.  He shared with the graduates that life is all about relationships.  If they cannot build relationships based upon what comes from their hearts, then they will not be very successful leaders.

With this message in mind, the graduates of the 24th Session of PELS created the Lex T. Eckenrode Scholarship for PELS.  This scholarship has been established to honor the legacy that Mr. Eckenrode created through his vision and his values and is to be awarded to individuals who portray the ability to acquire the leadership qualities that Mr. Eckenrode showed us all and inspired in those around him to create within themselves. 

This is a partial scholarship for PELS and is available to sworn law enforcement officers employed in the Commonwealth of Virginia who qualify for and are accepted into PELS.  The scholarship is available to individuals who have a financial need and are either from a small department (35 or less sworn force) or a graduate of the Institute for Leadership in Changing Times (ILCT).  This scholarship is not available to federal officers or civilian personnel working in law-enforcement agencies, or sworn officers employed by agencies outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The amount of the scholarship will be determined by the PELS Alumni Section Scholarship Committee and will not exceed $1,000.

Prospective applicants should carefully read the guidelines and procedures and provide the necessary information on / with the application form.

The application deadline for the 42nd Session of PELS is October 15, 2017.

The application deadline for the 43rd Session of PELS is June 15, 2018.


Past Scholarship Awardees

Sergeant Michael Parmelee
Pulaski Police Department
PELS Session 41

Captain Charles F. Davis
Tappahannock Police Department
PELS Session 39

Major Gary M. Dillon
Warrenton Police Department
PELS Session 39

Assistant Chief David L. Bragg
VA Union University Police
PELS Session 38

Lieutenant Shannon W. Walker
Bedford Police Department
PELS Session 38

Lieutenant Lee S. Bailey
New Kent County Sheriff's Office
PELS Session 37

Sergeant Robert E. Cottrell
Richmond Airport Police Department
PELS Session 37

Chief James R. West
Kingsmill Police Department
PELS Session 35

Deputy Chief D. Wayne Petefish
Luray Police Department
PELS Session 33

Chief Jesse L. Shupe
Louisa Police Department
PELS Session 32

Lieutenant F. Todd Foreman
Bedford Police Department
PELS Session 31

Lieutenant Timothy W. Whitt
Franklin Police Department
PELS Session 28

Lieutenant Marcus A. Vaught
Vinton Police Department
PELS Session 27

First Sergeant Mark E. Riley
Lexington Police Department
PELS Session 27