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2015 Small Law Enforcement Agency Symposium Materials

TREDS & Virginia Highway Safety Office Update — Slides | Handouts (3 slides per page) 
Angelisa Jennings, Linda Ebel & Lori Rice, Virginia Highway Safety Office

Below 100 Program
Tommy Loftis & Jud Beedy

DUI & "No Refusal" -- Slides | Handouts
Sgt. Tim Wyatt, Roanoke County Police

VACP Hot Topics/Concerns — Slides 
Dana Schrad, VACP Executive Director

VACP Legal / Legislative Update — Slides 
Dana Schrad, VACP Executive Director

Overview of the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training Program — Slides | Handouts 
Kit Cummings, NRVCS & Mary Begor, DBHDS

Supreme Court Update (from 2015 VACP Annual Conference) — Slides | Handouts
Linda L. Bryant, Deputy Attorney General of Virginia – Criminal Justice & Public Safety Division