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2008 VACP Legislative Priorities

Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2007 (H.R. 980)

Federal legislation in the United States Senate that would harm the efficiency of state and local public safety agencies by forcing them to divert their resources from their primary mission of protecting the public and instead use them for collective bargaining administration.  The VACP opposes H.R. 980, and urges its defeat to ensure that Virginia’s police chiefs can professionally manage their employees and continue to be accountable to the citizens that they serve.  (Similar state legislative efforts also are opposed as they impede police accountability to the public.)

599 Aid to Localities with Police Departments

The recent 5% reduction to 599 Aid to Localities Funds has critically impaired the budgets of many Virginia police departments.  The VACP supports efforts to restore these funds at their full levels for 2008, and to examine more efficient ways to isolate the funding for police administration. 

Temporary Detention and Civil Commitment Transportation

The VACP supports a change to remove the responsibility for civil commitment transportation from law enforcement, and proposes that subjects of civil commitment be transferred in medical support vehicles.

Mental Health Subjects

The VACP supports legislation to require Virginia courts to report court-ordered mental health treatment and civil commitments for mental health treatment to the Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN) to ensure that persons prohibited from purchasing weapons from licensed firearms dealers are identified in firearms background checks.

Virginia Biased-Based Policing And Traffic Statistics Reporting Act

The Virginia Organizing Project is interested in pursuing data collection on traffic stops, but also is interested in mandated training and policies.  VACP opposes state-mandated traffic stop data collection on the driver’s racial and ethnic characteristics, as we believe there are more efficient ways to ensure that proper police training and department policies are in place to eliminate bias-based policing.

Law Enforcement Retirement Benefits

Amend the benefits language in the VALORS retirement system for non-State Police state agencies with law enforcement officers to align the benefits with those in the LEOS and SPORS systems – 1.85% multiplier and restoration of the supplement.

Traffic Safety Enforcement

The VACP supports continuation of the requirement for two license plates.
The VACP supports the passage of a primary safety belt law.
The VACP supports the current requirement for motorcycle helmets.
The VACP supports the current prohibition on radar detectors.


For more information about the VACP’s legislative priorities, contact:
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