Critical Response Group: 911eye

The VACP is proud to announce its strategic partnership with CRG, Inc. has expanded to offer "911eye" technology at no cost to VA public safety agencies for 30-days as you manage emergency responses at a critical period during the state’s economic reopening.  911eye can help optimize your staffing levels while protecting your employees from unnecessary exposures, as well as stream video to the command post while providing security to large public gatherings. 
911eye enables public safety entities to send a single-use link to any individual's smartphone allowing them to securely share live videos, photos, location data, and text chat with the agency.  No app is needed on the caller’s phone and no data is stored on their phone.
911eye has been used extensively across the country to address a diverse range of incidents, including property damage, domestic violence, lost persons, theft, medical triage, and COVID-19 related reporting.
The technology is easy-to-use, inexpensive and scalable, and compatible with existing systems. Onboarding, training, implementation can be accomplished in under one hour through remote set-up and instruction hosted by CRG, Inc.
911eye allows public safety agencies to:
  1. Enhance situational awareness and help verify citizen reporting to ensure proper resource allocation is occurring at the time a call is made.
  2. Triage non-emergency calls and “Professional Distance" by limiting the exposure of officers to unnecessary responses, without reducing the level of professional services provided to your communities.
  3. Securely document incidents in a CJIS-compliant environment, with an audit trail that can be used following a call.
For more information, please email or call (732) 779-4393. There is no obligation for participating agencies after the 30-days of free use.

To see 911eye in action, please review the following YouTube links or see the attached flyer.