Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Receives 2015 VACP President's Award

The Honorable Brian J. Moran, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety & Homeland Security, was honored September 1 with the 2015 President's Award.

Each year, the VACP President honors an individual who makes a significant contribution to the law enforcement profession, and specifically to the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police. This year, 2014-15 VACP President, Pulaski Police Chief Gary Roche, presented the award to the Honorable Brian J. Moran, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety & Homeland Security, at the VACP Annual Conference in Williamsburg.

“Secretary Moran has made a great effort to reach out to the VACP and work with the police chiefs on legislative and policy initiatives," said Chief Roche in his presentation. "In 2015, he played a strategic role in redirecting numerous legislative initiatives on body cameras, license plate readers, drones and data collection to study groups to ensure a thorough examination of all relevant issues.  Secretary Moran headed up the task force on special conservators of the peace and was instrumental in his support of legislation authorizing our established private police departments. His leadership and vision are integral to strengthening the working relationship between the Governor's office and our law enforcement leaders.  The VACP thanks Secretary Brian Moran for his tremendous commitment to working with and supporting Virginia law enforcement, and it's my honor to present him with the 2015 VACP President's Award.”

Secretary Brian Moran has a passion for public service, particularly in the area of public safety and social justice issues. His unique combination of experience as a practicing attorney, former state legislator and leader, and an association executive give him a multi-faceted perspective of how organizations function. Leadership skills are an important part of making any enterprise succeed and Secretary Moran has a demonstrated record of motivating and focusing people in both business and government environments.

The Secretary draws on his experiences as a local County prosecutor and his thirteen years serving in the Virginia legislature. He began his career as a judicial law clerk in Arlington, Virginia learning the intricacies of the court system. In 1989 he started his career as County prosecutor where he prosecuted a variety of crimes including murder and rape. He was elected seven times to represent the 46th legislative district.

While in the legislature, Secretary Moran served on the Courts of Justice Committee, the State Crime Commission, the Militia, Police, and Public Safety Committee, the Board of the Alcohol Safety Action Program, and the Secure Virginia Panel. As a legislator he focused on numerous public safety issues. He championed and sponsored legislation in the areas of: child abuse, domestic violence, drunk driving, drug interdiction and elder abuse. He forged bipartisan coalitions and support to pass numerous pieces of legislation. Most notably: creating the felony drunk driving law; and Alicia's Law, which provides law enforcement the necessary tools to stop internet sexual predators from preying on our children.

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The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police is a statewide organization of federal, state and local police chiefs and law enforcement executives dedicated to improving the professionalism of police agencies in Virginia.  The Association was founded in 1926 and has more than 600 members.  The Association provides annual training programs for law enforcement executives, directs a statewide traffic safety program for law enforcement, produces Freedom of Information Act guidelines for law enforcement and lobbies for law enforcement interests at the state and federal level.  The Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation is a charitable educational foundation created by the VACP to provide training and education programs for law enforcement.

Photo Caption: 2014-15 VACP President Chief Gary Roche, Pulaski Police & Secretary Moran.
Photo Credit: Erin Schrad, VACP

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