Support the Review of the Virginia Parole Board's Decision to Release Cop Killer

Those concerned about the Virginia Parole Board's decision to release Vincent Lamont Martin, convicted of killing Richmond Officer Michael P. Connors in 1979, may send letters to the Virginia Parole Board or the Virginia General Assembly.

VACP Letters 


Other Letters Requesting Review or Reversal of VPB Decision


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R.U.L.E. Letter Writing Campaign

Richmond United for Law Enforcement has initiated a letter campaign.  Please see attached sample letter and instructions below:
I am E-Mailing you to request you join the effort to keep Vincent Lamont Martin, Offender # 1156982 incarcerated in the Commonwealth of Virginia prison system. We need your help! Please electronically sign and date the Attached Form Letter using the below listed guidelines. Feel free to cut and paste.
Please share this information and forward the attached form letter with below listed instructions with your Friends, Family, and Co-workers as we join together to demand Justice For Richmond Police Officer Michael P. Connors and his Family.
  1. Please read the attached form letter  
  2. Download the Form Letter and electronically print your full name and date which is required.  (You may include other information listed as optional information on the Form Letter if you choose to.)
  3. Save the signed/dated Form Letter on your computer. 
  4. Write your E-Mail to Include the following information:

    E-Mail Subject: "Vincent Lamont Martin, Offender # 1156982"

    I am requesting a 1-year rescission with an opportunity for the Parole Board to obtain and review additional facts, evidence, and pertinent information to this case when a normal review hearing can be held.

    Vincent Lamont Martin, Offender # 1156982 is not being allowed or required to complete a reentry program and is being released back into society with no employment history during a time when law-abiding citizens are out of work and cannot find employment as many businesses are closed.

    Please forward Letter and E-Mail to all Members of the Virginia Parole Board.

  5. The electronically signed and dated Form Letter should be Attached to your E-mail.
  6. E-Mail with Signed/Dated Form Letter Attachment should be sent to
Additional information for you to share with Friends that may be willing to assist in this effort or to include on your E-Mail to the Commonwealth of Virginia Parole Board:
We are requesting that the Virginia Parole Board seriously reconsider their decision rendered on Friday, April 10, 2020 to release Vincent Lamont Martin back into society after serving only 40 years of a life sentence +29 years after being convicted of brutally murdering Richmond Virginia Police Officer Michael Patrick Connors on November 13, 1979.
As Citizens, we are requesting that the Parole Board repeal their decision to release Vincent Lamont Martin on parole on the grounds that the Commonwealth of Virginia Parole Board did not have all of the facts and information necessary to make a fully informed decision as related to the extreme threat that Vincent Lamont Martin, Offender # 1156982 will be to public safety, if released.
Those with additional evidence and factual information other Professionals and Individuals did not have an opportunity to present facts and evidence to the Parole Board as they were not aware of this case being up for consideration. Victim hearings could not be held due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. 
Vincent Lamont Martin, Offender # 1156982 had just robbed a 7-11 store when Richmond Police Officer Michael Connors saw a vehicle traveling the wrong way down a one way street and pulled the vehicle over on what would have been ordinarily been called a "routine traffic stop." Unbeknown to Officer Connors Vincent Lamont Martin and 3 others in the vehicle had just robbed a nearby 7-11 Store and were in the process of fleeing the robbery scene.
That is when Vincent Lamont Martin, Offender # 1156982 brutally shot Officer Michael Patrick Connors with the malicious intent to kill him. While Officer Connors lay bleeding on the pavement from the first bullet, Vincent Lamont Martin continued to fire 4 additional bullets into Officer Michael Connors' head, in what is perceived to be an execution style killing.

Should you need further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (804) 909-0038.
Thank you for helping to demand Justice For Richmond Police Officer Michael Connors.
Cheryl Nici-O'Connell
Richmond United for Law Enforcement
(804) 909-0038


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