Crime Commission Report on Mass Killings and Gun Violence

The Virginia State Crime Commission announces the release of its Report on Mass Killings and Gun Violence.
Study Summary

Following the Special Session called by the Governor, Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr., and Speaker M. Kirkland Cox sent a letter to the Crime Commission on July 9, 2019, requesting "a systematic review of the events that occurred in Virginia Beach and proposed legislative changes to Virginia's laws concerning firearms and public safety." As a result of this letter request, Crime Commission staff was asked to examine these matters and provide a report to the General Assembly.

Staff determined that inconclusive evidence exists to develop recommendations. While staff researched a wide variety of policies and many other matters related to gun violence, the overall findings from the research were often insufficient, mixed, contradictory, or based on limited methodology. The absence of recommendations should not be interpreted as a finding that no changes to Virginia's laws are necessary. Any changes to these laws are policy decisions which can only be made by the General Assembly.

A large amount of information was collected and numerous policy considerations were identified in relation to gun violence and the proposed changes to Virginia's laws. As such, staff is available to provide technical assistance to members of the General Assembly.

Click here to view the full VSCC Report on Mass Killings and Gun Violence.


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