National Detective/Investigator Test

The National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT) is similar to The National First & Second Line Supervisor Tests, but is intended for agencies that are looking to select/assign officers to the rank of Detective or Investigator. The NDIT is a 75-question, content-valid, written exam derived from three textbooks covering the topics of Criminal Investigations, Major Court Cases and Investigative Interviewing.

A study guide will be required for each candidate that will provide a detailed breakdown of the Areas of Measurement (i.e., a listing of the chapters or sections from each book that candidates should study for the exam).

Please note: Candidates will still need to obtain the actual textbooks to prepare for the exam. A study period of 30 days or more is suggested.

All exams will be scored by Stanard & Associates, Inc. and results will be provided to the authorized point of contact overseeing the selection process for the agency.

For More Information/Ordering

If you have any questions or would like to order tests, please contact Audrey Altovilla at or (804) 285-8227.