VACP Executive Board

Colonel Jeffrey S. Katz | Chesterfield County Police Department

Chief A.J. Panebianco | Middleburg Police Department

Chief Craig L. Branch | Germanna Community College Police Department

Chief Scott Booth
 | Danville Police Department

Chief John Clair
 | Marion Police Department

Chief Travis Christian 
| Petersburg Bureau of Police
(At-Large Member, 2021-2025)

Chief Angela Greene | Lexington Police Department
(At-Large Member, 2021-2025)

Chief Jeffrey Dodson | Radford Police Department
(At-Large Member, 2022-2026)

Chief Charles A. Penn | Arlington County Police Department
(At-Large Member, 2022-2026)

Chief Erin Schaible | Fairfax City Police Department
(At-Large Member, 2022-2026)


About the Executive Board

The Executive Board of the VACP meets approximately 6 times per year to direct the business of the association and to discuss issues of importance to the law enforcement profession. The Board is made up of five (5) at-large committeemen, three (3) vice presidents, the President of the Association, and the Immediate Past President.

Members of the Board serve either a multi-year term as an at-large member (at-large members do not succeed to the Presidency), OR are elected as 3rd Vice President to then succeed annually through the chairs as 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Vice President, and ultimately as President of the Association. Following a one-year term as President, that Board Member serves one additional year as Immediate Past President.

Each year at the VACP Annual Conference, a new Board member(s) is/are elected to the board to replace the outgoing Past President and any other vacancies on the Board.

ACTIVE members in good standing who are the chief executive officer of a state, local or campus police department are eligible to serve on the VACP Executive Board. Eligible members who are interested in the open position(s) are interviewed at the Annual Conference by the VACP Nominating Committee, who then nominate a candidate(s) to the voting membership for election to the Board. Newly elected board members fill the lowest open slot on the Board.

For more information about the Executive Board, please see Article VI of the VACP Bylaws.

Interested in serving on the Executive Board?

If you are interested in serving on the Board, submit a letter of interest and a résumé to Dana Schrad, VACP Executive Director — (804) 338-9512 or You may also contact Dana if you have any questions about serving.