Faith & Blue Weekend

In October 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice COPS Office, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Sheriffs’ Association, National District Attorneys Association, Fraternal Order of Police, FBINAA, NOBLE, PERF, and nearly every other major national law enforcement group partnered with MovementForward, Inc.’s One Congregation One Precinct (OneCOP) initiative to co-organize the first National Faith & Blue Weekend (Faith & Blue). In its inaugural year, the 2020 effort was a tremendous success with over 1,000 events in 43 states. In its second year, held October 8 - 11, 2021, Faith & Blue doubled in size to 2,000+ engagements across all 50 states. In a short time, Faith & Blue has become one of the largest, most consolidated police-community outreach efforts in American history.

Over the last few years, law enforcement professionals across the country have been forced to address unprecedented challenges of civil unrest. In response, state police chiefs’ and sheriffs’ associations throughout the country are joining with our national partners in this effort to create an environment of unity and reconciliation in communities of all kinds.The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police is strengthening its collaboration with National Faith & Blue Weekend for the 2022 effort, scheduled for Friday, Oct. 7 through Monday, Oct. 10
The objective of Faith & Blue is for law enforcement professionals to collaborate with local faith-based organizations to strengthen positive connections that will enable us to break down divides, decrease biases, increase familiarity, and spur ongoing collaboration. The activities will include forums and discussions, service projects, community walks, picnics, athletic contests, crime/safety briefings and other positive events geared toward fostering healing, unity, and reconciliation. Faith & Blue is a unique, trailblazing, and unprecedented opportunity that we hope your agency will take full advantage of. There are no costs to participate.

Please make certain all events and activities are registered/submitted at Also, remember to use the hashtags: #FaithAndBlue #FaithAndBlue2022 in all social media posts.
If your agency would like ideas from others who have previously participated, you are invited to a webinar on Thursday, September 8th at 1:00pm (Eastern Time). Use this link to attend:
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