National First- & Second-Line Supervisor Test (NFLST/NSLST)

Our off-the-shelf law enforcement promotional exams prove that smaller agencies can get a quality promotional process without breaking the budget. If your agency is one of the many where a limited number of candidates participate in any single promotional process, a custom-written promotional exam may not be an option.

Stanard & Associates’ NFLST and NSLST help law enforcement agencies identify promotional candidates who possess the relevant job knowledge to be successful supervisors and managers. The exams assess candidates’ knowledge in areas such as management and supervision, major court cases affecting law enforcement, community policing, criminal investigation and patrol tactics. Both exams are the result of an extensive research and development effort undertaken to identify the knowledge required to competently perform supervisory duties in law enforcement. Test questions were reviewed and refined based on invaluable input from over 50 police chiefs and commanders from five separate geographically diverse panels of experts.

The end result? Two cost-effective examinations that can be used as stand-alone promotional exams, or integrated easily into your agency’s promotional process. The NFLST measures critical knowledge areas associated with first-line supervisor positions (e.g., Corporal, Sergeant), while the NSLST measures knowledge areas associated with many second-line supervisor positions (e.g., Lieutenant, Captain).

If desired, these tests can be supplemented with 25 customized exam items written by our experts directly from your agency’s Policies and Procedures, General Orders, etc. This product gives you the “best of both worlds” – a customized promotional process at an off-the-shelf price.


  • First-Line Supervisor Exams: $100.00/exam (any quantity)
  • Second-Line Supervisor Exams: $125.00/exam (any quantity)
  • NFLST/NSLST Administration Guide: $10.00
  • NFLST/NSLST Study Guide: $10.00

For More Information/Ordering

If you have any questions or would like to order tests, please contact Audrey Altovilla at or (804) 285-8227.