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DCJS Certified Police Officer
Bluefield Virginia Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Certified Patrol Officer.
To be considered for this position an initial application must be submitted by mail, email, or delivered in person.  Applications can be picked up at the Bluefield Virginia Police Department located at 112 Huffard Drive Bluefield Virginia 24605 or downloaded at: 

Current Virginia certified law enforcement officer minimum base pay is $31,000.00 and up depending on experience and education.  In addition we offer $2000.00 per year physical fitness bonus for successfully completing bi-annual department physical fitness testing. 
 Some of our benefits:
12 hour shifts, every other weekend off, officers work an average of 15 days monthly 15 days off.
 Paid overtime for court and shift overages, many overtime opportunities available.
 College tuition assistance.
 Take home vehicle within 25 mile radius.
 BlueCross / BlueShield health insurance including dental and eye coverage.
 Life insurance.
 Numerous training and career advancement opportunities available.
 Excellent equipment and facilities.
 $2000.00 per year physical fitness bonus for successfully completing bi-annual department physical fitness testing.
 Virginia Retirement System state retirement.
 Full Retirement benefits as early as age 50 with 20 years of service, full retirement after 25 years of service otherwise.
 Bluefield Police Department participates in LEOS (Law Enforcement Officer Supplement) which pays you $1132.00 (current supplement) per month at retirement in addition to your full retirement benefits. The LEOS supplement continues until you are eligible for social security retirement benefits.
 Employees are also eligible to contribute to 457 deferred compensation plan to receive additional retirement benefits.
Position: DCJS Certified Police Officer
Organization: Bluefield Virginia Police Department
Location: Bluefield,  VA 
United States
Salary: $33,000 and up depending on education and experience
Posting Start Date: 5/2/2019
Date Posted: 5/2/2019
Requirements Patrol Officer
Performs general duty police work involving the enforcement of state and local laws and ordinances for the purpose of protecting life and property.
Work consists of routine patrol tasks performed in accordance with prescribed regulations and requires a detailed knowledge of motor vehicle laws and all criminal laws. Good public relations must be established and maintained to make law enforcement effective. Discretion, courtesy, and tact must be exercised in determining whether the nature of a violation justifies a warning or arrest, in assuring persons that their constitutional rights are being respected, and in firmly handling belligerent, excited, or recalcitrant individuals. Apprehending law violators is frequently dangerous, involving travel at high speed on the highways and the use of firearms. The officer works alone the major portion of the time, exercising independent discretion when faced with emergencies involving apprehension of law-breakers and traffic accidents. Supervision is received from the Lieutenant, or Sergeant.
Examples of work duties:
1. Patrols highways in a police vehicle; apprehends law violators; issues warning or summons or makes arrest.
2. Investigates crimes and accidents for the purpose of obtaining facts and evidence for presentation in court; visits scene of traffic accidents, clears road of bystanders; places flares if needed, and keeps traffic moving; cares for injured persons and administers first aid as required.
3. Assists in such tasks as quelling fights, disorders, and riots and participating raids and searches; investigates complaints and takes appropriate action.
4. Directs traffic to relieve congestion; assists motorists by giving traffic information and advice as called upon; answers questions from the public on laws governing motor vehicle operation and laws and rules governing human conduct in general.
5. Appears in court as a witness in criminal and civil cases.
6. Patrols business and residential areas; investigates suspicious circumstances; insures that doors and windows of business establishments are secure after business hours.
7. Performs routine maintenance on assigned police vehicles, such as checking the oil and filling the gasoline tank.
8. Performs other related duties as required or assigned.
Status: This listing expires on: 5/1/2020
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Bluefield Virginia Police Department

Bluefield,  VA 24605
United States
(276) 326-2621
M. Shane Gunter Chief of Police