Policy Development & Training (Lexipol)

The VACP is proud to partner with Lexipol, a leading source of state-specific policy and training solutions for law enforcement agencies, to provide customized policies and training to VACP members.

Co-founded by risk management expert Gordon Graham, Lexipol serves more than 3,500 agencies in 35 states and employs an in-house team of policy experts, attorneys and practitioners collectively representing more than 2,075 years of public safety experience.

Law enforcement agencies using Lexipol are shown to have significant reductions in both the frequency and severity of mistakes and litigation compared to non-Lexipol agencies. Agencies using Lexipol can also save hundreds of personnel hours each year on policy review, updates and maintenance.

The VACP has negotiated a 5% discount on Lexipol software and services for VACP members.

For more information, visit http://info.lexipol.com/VACP or contact John Rychlak at 844-312-9500 or jrychlak@lexipol.com​.