VACP Membership

The VACP, formed in 1926, is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit trade association. Its more than 500 members are made up of active and retired federal, state, local and private law enforcement and criminal justice agency executives, administrators and managers. Members also include persons in law enforcement related businesses, support industries or government agencies. A ten-member Executive Board elected by the active members governs the affairs of the VACP.

Each application for membership shall be made in writing on an application form provided by the Association, and shall contain such information as prescribed by the Executive Board. The application shall be presented by the Executive Director to the Executive Board, which shall approve or reject the application. The dues of the Association shall be determined by the Executive Board and shall be paid annually.


VACP & VACLEA Membership Categories

Membership in the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP) consists of three classes: Active, Associate and Senior.

  • VACP Active memberships consist only of those persons who are actively engaged as appointive heads of certified law enforcement agencies which operate in the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as executive and/or administrative officers with responsibility of at least bureau or division commanders or similar status as designated by the heads of such agencies.
  • VACP Associate memberships include those persons involved in law enforcement or law enforcement related occupations, or individuals sincerely interested in the advancement of the law enforcement profession, but who are not eligible for Active membership. Associate members, who are employed through a law enforcement agency, are permitted to attend the Midyear and Annual Meetings as Delegates and participate in discussions, but shall have no vote, shall not be eligible to hold office in the association, and shall not be counted at any time in determining a quorum or majority for any purpose.
  • VACP Senior memberships consist of those persons who, upon retirement from the law enforcement profession, wish to remain active in the Association. Upon regular payments of dues of an amount to be determined by the Executive Board, such members shall be entitled to all privileges and benefits of the Association including retention on the Association mailing list. They shall not be entitled to vote, nor hold any active office and shall not be counted at any time in determining a quorum or majority for any purpose. (To convert your active or associate membership to a Senior membership upon retirement, contact Audrey Altovilla at

Membership in the Virginia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (VACLEA) consists of two classes: Professional (Active) and Associate. 

  • VACLEA Professional (Active) memberships are for Command Law Enforcement or Security Officers of any institution of higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia may be eligible for Professional Membership upon application to the Association. (More details)
  • VACLEA Associate memberships are for all Law Enforcement or Security personnel employed by an institution of higher education within the Commonwealth of Virginia, and who are not eligible for Professional Membership, may be considered for Associate Membership upon application to the Association.  (More details)

    Also eligible for associate membership are individuals and organizations, including institutions of higher education, who demonstrate interest in furthering and supporting the objectives of the Association.
 We have many Joint Members of VACP & VACLEA. You can mix-and-match memberships as fits your situation.

Membership Dues

The dues of the Association are determined by the Executive Board and are paid annually. Current dues amounts for the July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025 fiscal year are as follows:

  • VACP Active: $200
  • VACP Associate: $150
  • VACP Senior: $20
  • VACLEA Professional (Active): $75
  • VACLEA Associate: $50
  • VACP Active + VACLEA Professional (Active): $275
  • VACP Active + VACLEA Associate: $250
  • VACP Associate + VACLEA Professional (Active): $225
  • VACP Associate + VACLEA Associate: $200

A member of the Association shall be considered suspended from membership for failure to pay annual dues in a timely manner. Upon the elimination of the cause of suspension, the suspended member may be reinstated by the Executive Board.


Membership Benefits

Dues-paying members receive the following benefits from the VACP and/or VACLEA:



For more information or assistance with submitting a membership application, contact Audrey Altovilla, VACP & VACLEA Membership Manager, at


Winter Conferences
February 5-7, 2025
February 4-6, 2026
Location for all: Hilton Short Pump (Henrico County)

Annual Conferences
99th Annual
August 25-28, 2024

Location: Hotel Roanoke
100th Annual
August 24-27, 2025

Location: Williamsburg Lodge

101st Annual
August 30 – September 2, 2026

Location: Hotel Roanoke