National Police Officer Selection Test (POST)

Background Information

Stanard & Associates, Inc., a Chicago-based firm of psychologists, began working in the area of police testing in 1976. Over the years, their work with police agencies consistently indicated a need for an instrument to assess skills such as reading comprehension, writing ability and arithmetic and grammar proficiency before candidates progressed further in the selection process. So S&A initiated an extensive review of existing entry-level police tests targeted for a national market. This confirmed the need for a relatively short and easy exam to determine whether an entry-level police applicant possessed adequate basic reading, writing/grammar and mathematics skills.

To meet this need, Stanard & Associates developed the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST), a content-valid, job-related, fair and objective pre-employment test designed to identify those candidates who have the essential basic skills necessary to perform successfully as a police officer.

The POST exam is used for law enforcement officer selection by a variety of municipal, county, state, campus and federal agencies.

The POST is the official test of 25 state Police Chief Associations. In addition, the POST has been mandated as the statewide entry-level test by the states of Iowa and Utah. All of these agencies thoroughly researched the available exams and determined that those offered by Stanard & Associates, Inc. were of the highest quality.

Why use the POST?

  • Inexpensive and efficient selection tool
  • Four different forms are available
  • Easy to administer
  • Can be scored by the agency or by Stanard & Associates
  • Consists of questions directly related to police tasks
  • Backed up by extensive research and development
  • Employs content and criterion-related validity
  • Is associated with higher training academy performance*
  • Developed in accordance with EEOC and professional guidelines
  • Complies with ADA requirements

Test Options

** UPDATE (April 2020): Now Offering Online Testing Option for Remote Applicant Testing! Simply indicate "FORM E" on your POST Order Form. Exams will be scored by Stanard. (Agencies will need to sign a new Security Agreement for Form E. Contact for more information.) **

The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police offers two forms of this test. One is scored by the individual department or municipality and the other is scored by Stanard & Associates and the results provided within 10 working days.

Agency-Scored Exam (New Pricing Effective Aug. 1, 2021)
$18.50 each (Discounts for larger quantity orders) 

Examiner Manual for Agency-Scored Exam
$10.00 each (Required for Agency-Scored exam)

Exams Scored by Stanard & Associates
$24.50 each (Discounts for larger quantity orders)

Administration Guide for Exams Scored by Stanard & Associates
$8.00 each (Required for S&A scored exams)

Study Guide
$4.00 each
** NOTE: The exams and study guides are available for purchase from the VACP only by Virginia agencies. The VACP does not sell exams or study guides to individuals.

For More Information/Ordering

If you have any questions or would like to order tests, please contact Audrey Altovilla at or (804) 285-8227.