REVIVE! Master Trainer Resources

*Updated June 20, 2022

Master Trainers: Before participants are dismissed from training, please remember to collect the completed registration forms, evaluation forms, and signed Trainer Agreements. Following the training, the Master Trainer must enter the data from the registration forms and evaluation forms into the excel TTT Training Report (instructions can be found below) and email the excel Training Report along with scanned copies of the registration forms, evaluation forms, and Trainer Agreements to Danielle Noon at



For Training Materials for the First Responder Basic Rescuer Training, please go to:


Please direct questions to the VACP Project Support Specialist, Danielle Noon, at, or the Program Manager, Stephanie Diaz, at or (804) 709-1094.

Funding to provide free naloxone supplies and training for First Responders in the Commonwealth of Virginia is provided by a Federal Grant awarded to the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) and managed by the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP).  To ensure continuation of this funding, training data must be collected and reported to SAMHSA.  

There are two spreadsheets in the TTT Training Report excel workbook that can be found by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the screen.  After all data has been entered into the spreadsheets, please Save the file and email the completed excel workbook along with scanned copies of the registration and evaluation forms to dnoon@vachiefs.orgPlease send the actual excel workbook, not a scanned copy of the printed pages!  

Registration Tab
  • Please fill in the date of training (mm/dd/yy) and the trainer’s name (last name, first name).  If multiple trainers, list the lead trainer’s name.
  • Please completely fill in the information for each training participant.
  • Enter full names and ensure that names are spelled correctly.  If using an initial for a middle name, put a period after the initial.
  • For the last three questions, choose the reply from the drop-down list.
Evaluation Tab
  • For the Rating Scale, please fill in the rating scored provided on the evaluation form (1-5).
  • For the questions on the evaluation form “Are you comfortable with administering naloxone” and "Are you comfortable conducting a REVIVE! Training", please fill in Y for yes or N for no.
  • The other questions on the evaluation form are for the Trainer’s information and Trainers are not required to record the answers in the excel report.