The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police and Foundation (VACP) each year recognizes individuals in three award categories — Valor, Lifesaving, and Outstanding Contribution to Law Enforcement — as well as presenting a President’s Award and, occasionally, an Outstanding Legislator Award. It is with great pride that we recognize the exceptional efforts of these fine officers and citizens who are a credit to their agencies and communities, and true public servants to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Additionally, the VACP annually recognizes Virginia law enforcement agencies for their commitment to highway safety through the Virginia Law Enforcement Challenge (VLEC) Awards program, and administers the Saved by the Belt & Bag Recognition Program.

Awards for Valor

The VACP Award for Valor recognizes a law enforcement officer who, in the line of duty, performs an act of extraordinary heroism while engaged with an adversary at imminent personal risk. These awards recognize the bravery, professionalism and commitment to public service of our fine officers. The Valor Awards are presented at the VACP Annual Conference in September.

Awards for Lifesaving

The VACP Award for Lifesaving is presented in recognition of a law enforcement officer’s actions that put that officer in harm’s way in an attempt to save the life of another. The Lifesaving Awards are presented at the officers’ agencies by their chiefs on behalf of the VACP.

Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Law Enforcement (OCLE)

The Award for Outstanding Contribution to Law Enforcement is presented in recognition of an individual’s conspicuous act or achievement in the performance of some duty that results in an exceptional and responsible contribution to law enforcement. The act or achievement must clearly distinguish the individual from others in the same or like circumstances.

This award may be presented to a civilian employee or volunteer whose efforts benefited law enforcement statewide, regionally, or locally; or, to a law enforcement officer whose efforts extended beyond his agency or locality and had a regional or statewide impact. OCLE Award recipients are recognized at the VACP Annual Conference in September.

VACP President's Award

The President of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police & Foundation (VACP) each year selects an individual for the President’s Award in recognition of meritorious efforts on behalf of the law enforcement profession and Virginia’s criminal justice system. (There is not an application or nomination process for the award as it is solely at the discretion of the President.)

VACP Outstanding Legislator Award

The VACP on special occasions honors a Virginia lawmaker who has been an outstanding supporter of the Virginia law enforcement community. This award is presented in recognition of a legislator’s dedicated leadership to improving the state criminal justice system, and commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of Virginia law enforcement.

Virginia Law Enforcement Challenge Awards

The Law Enforcement Challenge (LEC) is a traffic safety recognition program that rewards agencies that excel in keeping their roadways safe. The LEC is designed to strengthen and support traffic safety and provides agencies an opportunity to make a difference in the communities they serve, learn from each other, and establish future goals in traffic education and enforcement.

Virginia Saved by the Belt & Bag Recognition Program

The Saved by the Belt & Bag Program is open to any law enforcement agency. Nominations for individuals who were involved in traffic crashes and were wearing safety restraint devices are being accepted on a continual basis. There is no cost to the nominating agency – all recognition materials are provided by the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police through funding from the Virginia Highway Safety Office.