VACP Lifesaving Award Nomination Form



This award recognizes an officer’s actions that put the officer in harm’s way in an attempt to save the life of another individual. (Nomination should clearly indicate the danger to the officer.)

Click here for examples of past Lifesaving Award recipients’ actions.

NOTE: While commendable, overdose saves and uses of defibrillators to save citizens do not rise to the level of the VACP Award for Lifesaving. The officer/s must have faced some risk to their own safety in their efforts.


Incidents that occur ANY time prior to May 31, 2024 are eligible for consideration for the 2024 Awards. However, please refrain from submitting nominations for incidents that occured more than 3 years ago (prior to June 1, 2021) except in extenuating circumstances. Nominations that have previously been submitted but not selected are also not eligible for reconsideration.


Send ONE nomination form and supporting documentation for multiple officers (and agencies) when nominated for involvement in the SAME INCIDENT. However, if nominating multiple officers involved in the same incident for both Valor and Lifesaving Awards, then submit SEPARATE FORMS for each corresponding award nomination.

Although many officers may respond to a particular incident, please only nominate the officers involved who you believe meet the award criteria. In the supporting narrative, ensure you clearly state how each nominee meets the criteria

Similarly, please be sure to INCLUDE in your nomination, if possible, any officers from other agencies that were part of the response if they also meet the criteria.

Complete this online award nomination form and upload the required supporting documentation. Be thorough, but concise with the supporting materials — try to limit to no more than three pages of narrative, news articles, and/or letters of support. Supporting documentation must provide enough detail for the committee to make a determination without having to speculate. Sanitized agency public information releases or press clips on their own may not be sufficient because specific details about an officer’s actions may have been excluded by either the reporter or the public information officer. If any information included is not for public release, please indicate that in the narrative (through highlighting, text color, or other notation.


Notices will be issued to agency contact(s) in July. Lifesaving Awards will be distributed to AGENCY HEADS at (or after) the VACP Annual Conference in Roanoke to be presented locally to their officer/s on behalf of the VACP.  If desired, a representative from the VACP (Board Member, Awards Committee Member, or Exectuive Director) is happy to participate in a local presentation to the award recipient/s (pending availability).

The Lifesaving Award recipients themselves will NOT receive their awards at the VACP Conference.

Submit nomination by June 23, 2024.