Institute for Leadership in Changing Times (ILCT)

July 21-26 & Oct 2-4, 2024 | Registration Deadline is June 3, 2024
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Institute for Leadership in Changing Times (ILCT)
The Institute for Leadership in Changing Times (ILCT) is an intensive eight-day, intermediate-level leadership education program.  This program is designed for individuals who currently serve in, or are soon to be promoted to, mid-level management positions within their organizations.  The objective of this program is to develop emerging leaders by cultivating critical thinking skills, creative thinking processes, and professionalism.  Curriculum topics may include The Followership Model, Emotional Intelligence, Situational Leadership, The DiSC Model, Successful Project Management, Leadership and Ethics, The Multigenerational Workplace, Team Building, Leading from the Middle, Promotability, Strategies for Effective Promotional Interviewing, Leadership and Legacy, and Self-Care.  Classes offered change from time to time to ensure that topics covered are recent and relevant.  In addition to classroom study, participants will manage a project assigned to them from their department and conduct a presentation on the components and outcome of their project.  This program also includes a mentoring session and mock interview panel conducted by the PELS Alumni Section. 

During this program, participants will have the opportunity to network with peers from other organizations.  This is a great opportunity to meet and seek assistance from other professionals.  The program is open to applicants from both the public and private sectors.  Both in-state and out-of-state applicants are welcome to apply.

Program Information
The ILCT program is conducted by the VACP at the Richmond Police Training Academy.  This program is divided into three phases:
Phase One
The first week of the program is an intensive classroom learning experience, complemented by pre-program assignments and self-assessments.  Participants are also assigned projects to complete within their organization which will allow them to conduct real world application of lessons learned.
Phase Two
The next part of the program is conducted on the job, in-between the first and second week of the program.  Participants are given assignments to complete which will allow them to conduct real world application of lessons learned.  Participants will work to complete their projects and submit periodic status reports.
Phase Three
The final phase of ILCT brings participants back to the classroom.  The focus during the second week of the program is on professionalism and preparing for promotions.  In order to develop/ improve upon interview skills, a mock promotion panel is conducted where each participant is interviewed by members of the PELS Alumni Section Board and provided with immediate feedback.  Participants also conduct a presentation on their Project Management assignment.

Program Fee
The program fee is $2,600 and includes tuition, course materials, mentoring session, certification, and lodging.  Lodging is single occupancy and arrangements are made by the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police.  If special accommodations are needed, please send an email to stephanie@vachiefs.orgThe program fee without lodging is $1,900.  

When funding is available, the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police will accept requests for needs-based discounts / fee waivers from applicable law-enforcement agencies.  For more information click here.

We are seeking applicants who want to make a difference and who recognize the need for change.  Applicants applying to this school should have demonstrated leadership potential; have shown the desire for career advancement and professional development; and possess above average written and oral communication skills.  Each individual participant will contribute their learning experiences to improve the experience of the group as a whole.  Because of this, each participant must possess a willingness to commit to the entire educational process including completion of all pre-course work assignments, attendance at all phases of the program, and completion of all course assignments.

All applicants must meet the following pre-requisites:
  • Have completed a basic supervisory school (minimum of 18 classroom hours);
  • Occupy at least a first-line supervisor or mid-level manager position;
  • Have a minimum of five years’ experience in current profession;
  • Be recommended and nominated by an administrator in their organization; and
  • Applicant's agency administrator must agree to the conditions of full-time attendance, completion of all assignments, and adherence to program guidelines.
Certification and Credit
The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police awards a certificate of completion to those individuals who successfully complete all phases of the program.  In addition, this program will be approved by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) for Partial In-service Credit. 

For more information or any questions concerning this program, please contact our Programs Manager, Stephanie Diaz, at (804) 709-1094 or email
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