Policy Development & Training (Lexipol)

The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to partner with Lexipol – the nation’s leading expert in content, policy, training and wellness resources for public safety and local government with a suite of services dedicated to reducing risk and improving personnel safety. 

Lexipol offers mission-critical solutions such as:

  • Virginia-Specific Policies and Procedures - 170+ state-specific policies written by industry experts and kept up to date as legislation and best practices change, with an accompanying procedure guide and framework
  • Online Training - 400 online courses and more than 1,100 training videos, with the ability to easily manage, assign and track training
  • Wellness Resources - Confidential, customized, mobile wellness app to enhance your wellness culture and support your officers 24/7
  • Grant Services - A comprehensive resource for law enforcement grant research, grant alerts, application help and custom grant writing services
  • News and Analysis - A secure, trusted online source of law enforcement breaking news, expert analysis and product research—all available for free to verified members

VACP members are eligible to receive a special discount on Lexipol services.

For additional information about Lexipol, please visit info.lexipol.com/VACP. You can contact Lexipol by emailing info@lexipol.com or calling 844-312-9500.


CASE STUDY: Harrisonburg Police's Secret Weapon for Achieving VLEPSC Accreditation

For many law enforcement agencies in Virginia, accreditation through the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC) is the gold standard, an indication of professionalism and excellence. In fact, accreditation may soon become a requirement as part of a recent package of police reform legislation.

But achieving accreditation is not easy! It requires demonstrating compliance with 190 standards and 557 components. That kind of challenge requires a secret weapon.

For the Harrisonburg (VA) Police Department, that secret weapon was partnering with Lexipol. Their Virginia Law Enforcement Policies and Training solution provides 160 policies that cover about 80% of the VLEPSC standards, combined with tools that make managing the assessment process easy.

Harrisonburg was awarded accreditation in September 2020. Read more about how they did it in this case study.